LANM Interviews The Other Michael Davis

This is the first in a series of interviews/conversations with members of Los Angeles’ new music community. I met many of them at Nels Cline’s New Music Mondays at the Alligator Lounge during the 1990’s, although I’ve known some of them substantially longer, and they all have unique tales to tell about keeping the creative spirit alive in an environment that ignores them, for the most part.

While I was able to get articles published on a few of them in magazines like Option and New Times, they barely scratched the surface so we’ll be going a little deeper here. [I’ll also be including selected discographies so there will be adequate ego representation.] So off we go.

Jim McAuley

uploaded May 15, 2016

Guitarist Jim McAuley has been a “new,” “upcoming,” and “emerging” artist for decades now. With two new recordings scheduled to be released in 2016, perhaps this is the year that his sometimes spikey, sometimes soothing acoustic stylings will be celebrated outside his peer group of artists like Nels Cline and Elliott Sharp.

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Nels Cline

uploaded May 28, 2016

Nels Cline is among the most celebrated guitarists of our time for obvious reasons, first and foremost of which is how his generosity of spirit translates into a wide range of interwoven improvisational approaches on one hand and an ability to come up with the “right” lead guitar part for dozens of delightful Wilco songs on another. He also expresses himself verbally rather well…

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